Valerie Hinde Chartered architect and designer
Are architects necessary?
When you are new to building, its tempting to ask: 'Why pay for an Architect? Can't I just work in out with the builder as we go along?'

Perhaps the best answer is that an architect will save you money by bringing in your projects without extraneous costs, without waste, mishap or miscalculation. Further the architect will help you develop a design that not only satisfies immediate needs but which is based on a thorough analysis of all likely future usage patterns; which adds value and comfort through flair, style and imagination; which has taken the whole site and surroundings into consideration; and which incorporates ideas to allow for changing circumstances or perhaps further development at a later stage.

An architect is not only an artist working with three dimensional designs in light and space, but is also a technologist who can advise on the best construction methods, materials and techniques. This ensures quality construction throughout and makes sure that the price you pay is financially appropriate to the work involved.

Architects are also project managers. With so many things to consider and bring together, it is very easy for an unmanaged building project to stretch from a few weeks to interminable months and costs to spiral. Planning ahead and monitoring craftsmanship and progress throughout, are issues not to be underestimated.

An architect is your friend, mentor and guide through what is probably one of the most important projects you can ever undertake!

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